7 Tips For Decorating The Living Room to Make Guests Feel More Comfortable

7 Tips For Decorating The Living Room to Make Guests Feel More Comfortable

7 tips for decorating the living room to make guests feel more comfortable and comfortable in it – A living room, of course, must have a friendly design for its guests. Of course, it will be felt by visitors when the living room is well designed. Of course, it’s not just neat and attractive, but there are several other things that the owner of the house needs to pay attention to. Here are some ways that the living room makes guests feel more at home and also comfortable in it.

7 Tips For Decorating The Living Room to Make Guests Feel More Comfortable
7 Tips For Decorating The Living Room to Make Guests Feel More Comfortable – Photo by Jason Boyd from Pexels

Give doors and entrances an inviting atmosphere

The first impression influenced the atmosphere of the newly arrived guests. By designing a door with various decorations, a clean terrace, or a bright hall, guests will feel happy. They will feel welcomed by the residents. Placing plants near the door is also one way to make the room fresher

Give a nice decoration to the area guests will see for the first time

When entering the living room, of course, the guests’ eyes will be fixed on one area in the room. Like the first time you open the door, guests will see the occupants and also the background behind them. If it is a wall that is parallel to the door opening, then giving color or painting in that area will add a plus in the living room.

Arrange the circulation layout between guests and the furniture in the room

When going to sit, of course, guests need to feel a comfortable groove so that it is easy to occupy the guest chair or to other areas. Like the distance between the chairs and the table so that guests do not feel cramped and remain comfortable when in the room.

Selection of furniture in the living room

Soft sofas, tables with a certain height, these things will certainly affect guest comfort. If the chairs used in the room are wooden chairs without pads, of course, the guests will feel sore because of the hard texture. Or choosing a chair without a backrest will also reduce guest comfort. Likewise, the table in this room will certainly be different from the table in the dining room. Also, adjust the size of the furniture to the size of the living room.

Aroma in the room

One of the things that are invisible but quite impacting on comfort is the scent. An unpleasant smell or smell will make guests feel uncomfortable and want to go home quickly. Therefore, complete the living room with an air freshener. If you want a more natural and fresh scent, place scented plants indoors, such as in a flower vase or plant pot in the corner of the room.

Circulation from the living room to other room is clear

Not a few guests who visit will ride to the toilet at home or to other areas of the house that are still public. Of course, the circulation from the living room to the public room must be clear without any transverse objects blocking the room.

Lighting in the room

The living room is identical to the space covered by a window or simply open on various sides. Natural lighting will also easily enter the room, giving it a brighter appearance. As well as natural lighting, the lights in this room also need attention. Give bright lights and also provide comfort for the people who are in it. Not too bright but also not too dim so the eyes don’t feel dazzled in the room.

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