Tips for Choosing Kitchen Wallpaper to Look Fresh

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Wallpaper to Look Fresh

Tips for choosing kitchen wallpaper to look fresh – The use of kitchen wallpaper is arguably still rarely applied. Although wallpaper is commonly used, wallpaper usually covers the walls of the living room, family room, and bedroom. Even though the wallpaper is also beautiful and can be applied as a kitchen wall covering.

The kitchen wallpaper material is certainly different from wallpaper for other rooms. You need to choose a wallpaper that is waterproof and can be cleaned so that the kitchen is always beautiful even though the kitchen is prone to dirty and wet. Apart from materials, there are several other things you need to pay attention to before choosing kitchen wallpaper. Here are some tips for choosing kitchen wallpapers and inspiration for minimalist kitchen wallpapers for you.

Wallpaper material

Tips Memilih Wallpaper Dapur Agar Tampak Segar

For a room that holds a lot of intense activity, choose kitchen wallpaper without textured motifs. The texture on the wallpaper can build up dirt and speed up the damage to the wallpaper. Also, avoid fabric-based wallpaper because this material will easily absorb water splashes that can invite fungus to grow. You can choose a vinyl wallpaper that is more waterproof and easy to clean. Various wallpaper manufacturers are now offering other waterproof materials that are suitable for kitchen wallpaper.

Kitchen size

Tips Memilih Wallpaper Dapur Agar Tampak Segar

The challenge when arranging a minimalist kitchen is a matter of size. Taking into account the area of ​​the kitchen before installing wallpaper is important because it affects the choice of color, motif, and placement of kitchen wallpaper. For a small, minimalist kitchen, avoid busy patterned wallpapers because they can give the illusion of a narrower room. You can choose a vertical line motif because it makes the ceiling appear higher so that it makes a minimalist kitchen feel more spacious.

Wallpaper placement

Tips Memilih Wallpaper Dapur Agar Tampak Segar

Kitchen wallpaper does not need to be installed on the entire wall of the room. You can put wallpaper as an accent, for example, under the cabinet. So that the minimalist kitchen wallpaper doesn’t look too much, adjust it to the color of the cabinet in your kitchen. If the cabinet has a motif, you should avoid installing wallpaper on the same wall as the cabinet.

Motive choice

The availability of various choices of motifs is certainly one of the reasons for choosing wallpaper as a kitchen wall covering instead of using paint. However, the selection of kitchen wallpaper motifs should not be arbitrary. Especially for a minimalist kitchen. You have to match the kitchen theme. The color of the wallpaper must also be considered carefully so that the minimalist kitchen is more beautiful with wallpaper.


Tips Memilih Wallpaper Dapur Agar Tampak Segar

For those of you who want a rustic look or exposed material, choose exposed brick-patterned wallpaper. This trick is also recommended because real exposed brick has the risk of making the kitchen dirty quickly due to sand residue from the brick. White brick patterned kitchen wallpaper can also be an alternative for those of you who want a white kitchen look but are worried about getting dirty quickly. Because wallpaper is easy to clean, you can easily get rid of stuck stains and a white kitchen always looks clean.

Dynamic display

Tips Memilih Wallpaper Dapur Agar Tampak Segar

The kitchen can also appear dynamic through motifs. One way to do this is by installing bright colored wallpaper. The vibrant motif of the wallpaper will balance the plain look of the cabinet.

Match with furniture

Tips Memilih Wallpaper Dapur Agar Tampak Segar

Match your kitchen wallpaper motif with existing kitchen furniture. That way the appearance of the kitchen will be more harmonious and you don’t need to be confused about choosing the appropriate motif.

Those are the tips for choosing wallpaper for the kitchen. Visit mytessabit for more interior tips and design inspiration.

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