4 Types of Kitchen Island You Need to Know

4 Types of Kitchen Island You Need to Know

4 Types of Kitchen Island You Need to Know – One element of the kitchen that is currently increasingly popular in contemporary kitchen designs is the kitchen island. You might call it a kitchen table, but a kitchen island is more than just a table we commonly see in kitchens.

Apart from being a place to put various kitchen groceries before entering the kitchen cupboards or as a place to prepare for cooking, the kitchen island also functions as a relaxing area in the kitchen. A kitchen island can be used as an additional storage area for kitchen utensils or materials. In addition, if you like the concept of an open house, a kitchen island is suitable to be a separator between the kitchen and other parts of the house.

There are several types of kitchen islands that you can choose from for your favorite residence. Curious? Here are some interesting kitchen island types to consider.

Kitchen Island Regular

4 Tipe Kitchen Island yang Perlu Anda Ketahui
©Sontang M Siregar

A regular kitchen island has a complete kitchen island function, at least equipped with a spacious sink and countertop. Sometimes, a kitchen island is also equipped with a stove to power plugs for various kitchen utensils. This type of kitchen island can also be left plain so that it can be used as flexibly as possible by its users. You can add a chair on one side of the kitchen island so it can be a relaxing place for a light meal or breakfast.

Wheeled Kitchen Island

4 Tipe Kitchen Island yang Perlu Anda Ketahui

For a more flexible kitchen, there is currently a kitchen island option that is equipped with wheels. Besides being able to be used as a kitchen island in general, the existence of the wheels also allows the kitchen island to be moved to another room as an additional table or table preparation. For information, a wheeled kitchen island certainly has fewer features than a regular kitchen island. Because it does not settle on the floor, this type of kitchen island cannot have a sink or utensil that requires electricity.

Kitchen Island as well as the Dining Table

4 Tipe Kitchen Island yang Perlu Anda Ketahui

For those of you who want to find a cheap and easy alternative to the two previous kitchen island options, you can consider a kitchen island as well as a dining table. This type of kitchen island has a shape and size like a kitchen island in general, it’s just that the countertop area is usually left plain without a sink or stove and so on. The area of ​​the cabinet under the countertop is also much narrower so it is comfortable when used as a dining table because of the more legroom.

Tiered Kitchen Island

4 Tipe Kitchen Island yang Perlu Anda Ketahui
©Evonil Architecture

A tiered kitchen island has a shape like a regular kitchen island but differs from the countertop. One of the countertops, generally facing the kitchen side, is lower than the other side. The higher side is commonly used as a place for breakfast or relaxing as it is often equipped with tall bar stools.

There is already a description of the kitchen island that you want to choose? Hopefully, this article can be a starting point for choosing a kitchen cabinet for your favorite kitchen. Please visit Mytessabit for various kitchen island inspirations and kitchen products for you to explore further.

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