wondrous Home Interior Design : “Get a second dog” they said! “It’ll be fun!!” they said – A D It’s actua…

“Get a second dog” they said!
 “It’ll be fun!!” they said - A D 
It’s actua...

formidable Home Interior Design from indie.boho.nest

“Get a second dog” they said!
“It’ll be fun!!” they said – A D
It’s actually not that fun in the spring/summer when they shed like it’s their job, in turn giving me the task of cleaning up after them even more BUT- since I can’t keep them from shedding, I now at least have a BAG vacuum (a must for pet owners and allergy sufferers!!) – this @oreckliving cordless slice of heaven is just what we needed, because the high quality bag means their little tiny hairs aren’t just getting blown back into the air, they’re actually caught in a bag which is also much cleaner to dispose of than other types of vacuums.
If you hadn’t noticed by now, I’m kind of a clean freak and I try to find ways to enjoy cleaning. I gotta say, when you have a vacuum you love, it’s really not such a chore anymore!

#cleanfreak #cleaningtips

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24 Responses

  1. I love following you ma’am, inspired everyone and your house is really beautiful everything you post is such a dreamy! I wish I have a beautiful house like that. ❤️😍

  2. i’ve had a love for oreck’s ever since my grandma had one way back when that had a light on it 😂i love that they’re still around!

  3. oh wow! needed this 💚❤💚💛💚🧡💚🤎🤍💚❤💚💚🧡❤💚❤❤💚🧡❤💛💜❤💚❤💚💙❤💙🧡💜🧡💙🧡💙🧡💙💜🧡💜🧡💙🧡💙💛💛💙🧡💜

  4. Where is this coffee table from? I’ve searched your profile high and low

  5. Why can’t I find a coffee table like that 😭. It’s beautiful!!!😍

  6. This room is gorg and also that vacuum clearly works well bc it’s so clean lol

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