prodigious Home Interior Design : I’m torn… On one hand, we (I lol- Mark is fine not doing much else!) wan…

I’m torn...

On one hand, we (I lol- Mark is fine not doing much else!) wan...

shocking Home Interior Design from indie.boho.nest

I’m torn…

On one hand, we (I lol- Mark is fine not doing much else!) want to keep working on our house and making improvements but on the other hand, we are rapidly outgrowing it and don’t want to put more money into it than what it can realistically sell for. Yet the thought of moving again makes me criiiinge big time. I feel stuck – what would you do? And what is one thing you want to change about your house in 2021? Drop a comment below!
Happy Monday!


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19 Responses

  1. Just think about ALL the fun projects and the blank canvas a new house could offer! I say if you have a decent real estate market where you are and you could reasonably sell your home and upgrade, GO FOR IT!

  2. If you think you will inevitably want to increase your space, may as well get the moving part over with

  3. I’m looking doing whatever diy I can to add value to our home. Though most projects that will add value will have to be done by a professional. That’s ok!

  4. We just moved into another major fixer so our whole house is a project in 2021 😂

  5. I desperately want to finish our attic but it’s gonna be expensive AF.

  6. I totally understand the rapidly outgrowing your house part. After only being here a year I feel like our family of now 3 boys are already starting to out grow it 🥴 the thought of selling and buying all over again just makes me anxious so for now we will work with it. lol would really like to get my kitchen and bathroom renovation going this year! They need some major face lifts😅

  7. We tried to move this year and then housing prices went bananas so here we are. Our outside needs some major love!

  8. We need to work on the bathrooooom. Lol I’m already itching to move 😂

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