10 Pictures of Family Room Decorations to Make the Atmosphere Warmer

10 Pictures of Family Room Decorations to Make the Atmosphere Warmer

Family gathering space feels hollow and cold? Try adding 10 of these family room decorations. Simple but able to turn the room warm. Really!

A warm family room is one of the keys that can make the relationship between residents of the house even closer.

If you are planning to redesign or redecorate your family room at home, 10 items can be selected.

These family room decorations are also very suitable for various designs and room concepts!

Check out the full review below.

10 pictures of family room decorations that make the atmosphere warmer

Family Photo

One of the main elements in making a family room look and feel homey is to put items that have personal value.

For example, family photos, whether displayed on the table or the wall.

Without this one decoration, the living room can feel cooler and less inviting.

Fresh Green Plants

Placing plants can give a natural and vibrant green nuance in every room, including the living room.

This decoration is very versatile and suitable to be applied to any concept or style.

You only need to choose the right type and size of plants for each room.

Minimalist Coffee Table

Even though it is considered a secondary element of the family room, the presence of a coffee table can provide its details to the room.

A coffee table that is placed in the middle of the room can be a place to store anything, snacks, drinks, television remote, and others.

Its function is what makes its presence difficult to separate from the gathering room.


Small accessories and decorations such as trays can be very useful as well as interesting to add to the family room.

You can put it on the coffee table to make the essential items of the living room look more organized.

For example, a television remote, flower vases, candles, or books for you and your children to read.


Pillows or cushions should always be there and available in the living room!

This is very important for you to do even though the sofa you have is very nice to sit on.

The presence of pillows that are no less soft, not only provides comfort but also provides support to the back, neck, or just to be hugged.

You can also use the pillow to support your head when you want to lie down in the family room.


Curtains or curtains will give a special character to the family room, especially if the motifs and colors are chosen to have a bright and festive touch.

Choose an eye-catching curtain look for the family room at home.

If you choose simple and plain curtains, their appearance will disappear and blend into the family room background just like that.

Simple family room decoration choices, right?


Soft and smooth textured carpet.

Gosh, just imagining it feels very comfortable, especially if you complement your family room with this decoration.

Feet, even other body parts that touch the carpet, of course, will feel the softness and warmth of the surface.

Carpets with good materials will certainly invite you and your family to hang out there for a long time.

Small Blanket

A throw blanket with a material that is not too thick (throw blanket) is one of the objects and decorations that can be inserted into the family room.

You and your family will certainly feel warmer when using it while watching your favorite television shows.

Leave the blanket, it stays there.

To keep it from getting messy, fold it neatly after using it or you can put it in a cabinet drawer.


Television is an object that can unite all members of the house in the family room.

You can watch every favorite television show or movie from your DVD.

Aromatherapy Candles

It sounds and looks romantic if you add scented candles or aromatherapy to your living room.

But the real effect of the presence of this candle is to make the room feel and look more comfortable, intimate, and also very inviting.

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