Tips for Decorating The Family Room So That The Occupants are Comfortable

Tips for Decorating The Family Room So That The Occupants are Comfortable

Having a family room that is not large is of course not a problem for designing a comfortable space when gathering together. Various kinds of tricks can be done to manipulate the amount of space or appearance in it. When decorating the room, you need to pay attention to the design that fits the personality of the entire family. Design a family room so that all residents feel at home in it with these tips.

Tips for Decorating The Family Room So That The Occupants are Comfortable – Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Give a comfortable element to it

Even though it has a small space or feels cramped, it presents a comfortable element such as a sofa or a carpet that can be an option. If you want to put a sofa, choose one that doesn’t take up much space inside. The sitting area on the floor can also feel comfortable in the room with soft carpets. Make sure that comfort is prioritized in designing a family room at home.

Choose a White Color

The white color on the walls or floor will help illuminate the whole family room. In addition to illuminating, this color also gives a broad impression to the room. You can add some colorful accents that make it the focal point of the space. For example, it can be displayed with colored table furniture or paintings on the walls.

Multifunctional Furniture in the Room

Choosing multifunctional furniture in the family room that is not too big, of course, can be one of the tips for decorating this family room. For example, a bookshelf is also used as a place to put a television or various other decorations. The use of sofabeds is also a favorite in the family room because it can be used to sit together or lie down while watching TV. Use of an ottoman table, which is a soft seat with a flat top that can be used as a table indoors when sitting is not required.

Pay attention to the scale between rooms with objects in them

Various objects that are placed in the room must pay attention to the size of the room. If you have a sofa that is too big, mix it with a coffee table that fits between the seats. Avoid choosing decorations that are too small in the room because they can give a messy impression if they are placed carelessly in the room.

Selection of lights in the room

Using lights that are directly attached to the ceiling or wall will save more space than a table and floor lamps. Apart from space problems, lights that are in the ceiling area will also be safer because lights that are lying on the floor and high can easily be knocked into and broken. This of course will endanger family members or small children who play in the family room.

For a Living Room with a Window, Add a Curtain

Curtains on the windows need to be attached to make the room feel more private. But not just curtains, it would be very good if the selected fabric is brightly colored. The bright colors give the room a clean and spacious look. Also, place the curtain hanger higher than the window against the wall. Placing a curtain in this area can give the illusion of a taller and wider room.

Using a large patterned rug

The use of carpets in the room is of course not only intended to beautify the family room, but also to provide warmth and the illusion of a large space. A carpet that has a large pattern will certainly give a broad floor image so that the room feels wider. Choose a color that accentuates the pattern and makes light reflected in it.

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