7 Bedroom Makeover Tips According to 2021 Color Trends

7 Bedroom Makeover Tips According to 2021 Color Trends

7 Bedroom Makeover Tips According to 2021 Color Trends – Want to change the atmosphere of the room but have no idea what to do? Let’s try to use the 2021 colors that have been reported by Pantone, namely the colors “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating Yellow”. According to Pantone, the combination of the two colors can give the impression of a deeper feeling with a bright and friendly atmosphere.

It doesn’t hurt if this color is applied to the bedroom interior because it can give the room a more cheerful and less monotonous appearance. Psychologically, the choice of color in the bedroom can affect the atmosphere so that it can affect user comfort. As reported by Luxdeco, the psychology of yellow is associated with fun, optimism, and energy that is suitable for all ages.

7 Bedroom Makeover Tips According to 2021 Color Trends
7 Bedroom Makeover Tips According to 2021 Color Trends – Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

The gray color can bring an atmosphere or feeling of calm. Here are some tips that can be used for bedroom makeovers, such as applying yellow and gray to adding decorations that are suitable for the bedroom. Some of the tips below can be applied to change the new feel of your room. Let’s start the day with a new atmosphere so that the days become more productive and enjoyable.

Textured Walls

Gray color has a pleasant and comfortable impression on the bedroom. Many people like this color because it gives a room effect that looks minimalist and contemporary. The use of gray on the walls with the addition of texture will give the room a warmer impression, for example using wallpaper.

With a texture on the walls that can absorb light, making the room warmer and more comfortable. Choose a motif or texture that is not too crowded if your bedroom tends to be narrow.

Also, the texture on the walls adds aesthetic value to the room. Giving unnecessary texture that is too sharp with the kamprot (technique of lining the walls with a coarse stucco mortar (textured) technique on the walls will give more effect to the room. Kamprot is a technique of coating the walls with coarse stucco mortar.

There are also faux painting techniques that combine dark and light colors that are created to give a textured impression. No need for the entire wall to be given a texture, just one side of the wall.

The Yellow Vocal Point

Do not forget the yellow color which can be applied to one corner of the wall which is also useful as a vocal point and a dividing area in your bedroom. For example, apply to the work table area. This color can build optimism and concentration, so it is very suitable to be applied in the work area or study table area.

Besides, yellow can also be applied as an accent in the form of interior accessories and other details. For example, blankets and boudoir pillows on the bed. For a sizable use of yellow, you can choose lighter or pastel colors.

Minimalist decoration

To give a personal impression to the bedroom, you need decorations so that space doesn’t look stiff and more alive. Also, decorating it will create a room that is more productive and better for your mental state. The addition of decorations does not need to be too flashy or crowded, it is enough to add a minimalist wall decoration.

Facial line decoration is one example, can beautify a bedroom without reporting it looks crowded. These decorations can be placed according to taste, such as hanging on a wall, propped on a table, or propped up on the floor.

Do not forget to use minimalist furniture and according to your needs. Get rid of items that are no longer needed because it will make the room crowded.

Plants in the Room

Plant restoration in the room can make your room more lively and beautiful. Ornamental plants have many types and types, you can choose between live plants or dry plants. Several choices of live plants that are suitable for rooms with fairly easy-care, such as succulents that can be placed in the form of a terrarium.

The type of plant that you can try is a cactus which only needs watering once a week or it could be aloe vera.
Choosing the type of plant that can be a very beautiful and contemporary decoration choice. In contrast to living plants, this breed does not require much maintenance. You can simply clean the dust using a cloth or computer.

Some of the dried flowers you can have, such as baby breath that you can easily find at a florist, pampas that can be placed in the corner of a room, cotton or cotton flowers that can be placed in a neutral-colored vase, or a bunny tail that looks pretty.

Unique Flower Vase

Flower vases have many designs ranging from types, patterns, materials, to sizes. Vase selection must be adjusted to the type of plant that will be placed in it.
Based on the material you can choose glass or ceramic. While a plain colored vase or two colors with simple details will be more suitable for various types of plants.
For this type, you can use a vase in the form of a bud with a tapered vase or a cylindrical vase. By adding a flower vase to the room, it can make the side of the room more aesthetic.

Carpets as aesthetic on the floor

Carpets that are useful for floor mats can make the atmosphere of the room different, depending on the motifs and colors used. Carpets come in many different types of materials and that affects their price and how to care for them. For the bedroom, you can use a type of fur rug made from wool or rasfur (Soft fur for doll making). A plain light gray rug is suitable for any bedroom design.

Wool rugs are relatively expensive compared to rugs made from rasfur. Wool material is a natural fiber so it is more durable and environmentally friendly, but it is quite difficult to maintain. As for the rasfur material, it is very easy to care for and easy to wash and can be washed using a washing machine.

Add a light sleep

Apart from being a complement to the room, light sleep can also affect a person’s atmosphere and mood. The first thing to consider in choosing a light sleeper is to consider the design and size that fits your room.

Also, it is necessary to pay attention to the color of the lights used. Because of its use as a light sleeper, it is highly recommended to choose a dim yellow light bulb or a 2200 K flame which can relieve fatigue, prevent depression, and calm down.

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