Dress over the pants


Layering, this is the key word of the 2015! That means wearing different colors, fabrics, garmets and materials one above the other. This trend…

Multy layers Trend

Multi layers trend

Dress in layers means wearing different garments one above the other, in this way you would create a multi layers effect. This original style…

Effortless elegance

Effortless elegance

Simple and gentle like a poetry. Captivating, soft and ethereal. The new elegance brings with itself infinite shadows of refined sensuality, which this spring…

Sport Norm

Sport Norm

Since the ’80s the whole world started to have a different point of view regarding the idea of wellness: cigarettes are noxious, we have…

Royal Fever

Royal Fever

The 2015 started a few months ago and, as we all know, it is important to be always up with the times: news, politics, technology,…


The Seventies revival

From Jane Birkin to Brigitte Bardot, through hippies, high rise jeans and fringes, with Woodstock as background. This season, everything is about the seventies….

Denim trend

Denim refresh

A bit bohemian. A lot Seventies. Definitely cool. Denim, in all its facet, opens the door to the new season, unleashing positivism and a…