Sneakers Mania

Sneakers mania

Americans call them sneakers, Italians tennis shoes, British trainers and French chaussures de basket. Many names to indicate a model essentially universal: rubber sole…


Must Have: Saint Laurent Boots

There are hundreds types of boots: high, low, suede, with or without heels, with side zip, lace-up, with the buckles… we could go on and on, this product can really satisfy anyone. Considered the most versatile accessories, the icons of rock culture, are in fact suitable for any look: casual, elegant or sporty. Practicality is their strong point, and for this reason they are one of the cult pieces worn by Hollywood celebrities.


Look of the week: Mix&Match

Mix&Match is a space for great creativity where you can free your proper vanity: desire for chic, wish for elegance, craving for originality, dream of perfection. And, why not? Delightful independence from renowned griffes’ total looks and genuine fun blending fashion design from various luxurious origin. Mixing awesomeness and matching schools of glamour: here’s some secrets…