The architectural style

Math doesn’t lie. Neither does geometry. Surely, not this season where everything, in the fall’s closet, is about amazing architectures that give life to new styles…


The whispered elegance is the most meaningful tale about yourself

The whispered elegance is the most meaningful tale about yourself. There’s any more real truth: experimenting with fashion, passing through styles, losing control of trends and riding the waves of new looks: unquestionable agreeableness, but sometimes of questionable success. Caramboling on perils is not the right chic thing to do when your identity needs be dressed: unique and special…


What shall I wear today?

There are things that never go out of fashion and one of these is the dress: it is true, the dress has experienced mixed fortunes and alternating phases equally, but sooner or later it returns to invade our closets. And fortunately, you might say: with a dress on you are rarely wrong and the eternal question “What shall I wear today?” is quickly and easily resolved. And is resolved in a very chic way when DKNY, or Donna Karan New York, offers a sleeveless silk model with an interesting game that can give the impression of being in front of an outfit divided in two: the top is white, crossed by a single vertical band, while the gray skirt has flat pleats…