Fall/Winter 2013: The Leather Effect

In principle it was jacket. Then, it was the time of trousers, skirts, coats and even dresses. The leather-mania, that in the last few years has crowded all the catwalks, windows and wardrobes, doesn’t want to loosen its grip. So, if colours, prints, shapes come and go season after season, leather pieces are living a new spring, even in winter…

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Can’t live without

There’s just one big dogma to follow: fashion fades, only style remains the same. It’s a mantra to repeat obsessively to avoid any mistake season after season. So, floral or animalier prints, high heel or sueprflat sandals, follow one another in wardrobes, following the strict rules of fashion. Nonetheless, there are pieces that, relentlessly and severely, remain faithful as absolute symbol of any seasonal “must”…


Must have: Courrèges Trench Coat

It’s trench coat time! Winter cold has gone away and now it’s so pleasantly cool that we’d like to wrap into that fabulous item that is omnipresent in every self-respecting wardrobe, crossing fashion eras and not always bon ton tastes: the trench…


The irremissible charme on the road!

The best thing about fashion is that however sure we are that sometimes our wishes are so much changeable and complicated that they graze the impossible: well, for fashion impossible doesn’t exist. Only unexpected mastery to fulfill every desire exists: even the ones fluctuating between luxury and whim. Let’s think about leather jacket: what would it be like?