Must Have: Kenzo Sweatshirts

Fades come and go. And then, come back again. It’s like a loop continually changing, a spinning wheel that never stops. Shapes, ideas, colours and inspiration join together and give life to new kind of trends, already seen in the past and that surely will recur in the future.
And this counts for everything. Ransack in your children wardrobe and you’ll find the it-shoes of today; go over your parents lofts and you’ll discover the must-have coats of tomorrow…

dolce&gabbana bag

Fall 2013 Shopping Guide

Then comes fall, for real! After all the preview studying on magazines and blogs, the showdown has finally arrived, so to see if we’re really ready and outfitted to face the so awaited mid-season.
Among all the grunge notes and pastel shades, here’s the new season’s best sellers taking shape, the most wanted pieces to buy and to show off in every occasion.

Kenzo - kinomo eyes print dress

Kenzo Fall 2013: the conquest of taste

No need of blazoned introduction: the French-Japanese maison Kenzo has been dominating the conquest of taste from several generations and today it is still going on its way of success. The secret is the longevity of his homonymous founder’s vision, Kenzo Takada, who from Tokyo, as the first oriental fashion designer into the heart of occidental couture, instilled into ‘70s Paris the fascination of the Japanese aesthetic, letting the mesmerizing dialogue between East and West start, a dialogue that still enjoys a constant evolution.