hedi slimane


Must Have: Saint Laurent Boots

There are hundreds types of boots: high, low, suede, with or without heels, with side zip, lace-up, with the buckles… we could go on and on, this product can really satisfy anyone. Considered the most versatile accessories, the icons of rock culture, are in fact suitable for any look: casual, elegant or sporty. Practicality is their strong point, and for this reason they are one of the cult pieces worn by Hollywood celebrities.


Look of the Week: Rock-Chic

It skims over the cliché, but it has been always thought to be one of the most charming fondness of style, subtly balancing between excess and rigour, a label that sounds immediately like glamour: rock-chic. Everybody interpret it according to her wish: educating our rebel soul by class or scraping the rigour of elegance by a maudit impetus. Speaking of that, Saint Laurent maison today is the noblest reference where the rock-chic turns into concrete items. Rock as the renowned aura of rock star infused by Hedi Slimane’s creative guide, chic as the everlasting couture legacy à la Yves.


Saint Laurent SS13

Now it is for all Saint Laurent. Since Stefano Pilati has left the house and Hedi Slimane arrived, the brand has gone through a big change, losing not only the first name, but, with the ability to Slimane to capture the zeitgeist, the spirit of the times and the desires of every single fashion addict around the world, the press has devoted great emphasis on every single choice the designer has done. Just in the days a lot of talk has been done on the winter print Saint laurent campaign, whose protagonists are stars from the music world, with a strong rock style attitude, but also very controversial, from Courtney Love to Marilyn Manson, through Daft Punk, of which we are not allowed to see the face, in stores has arrived with success the spring / summer collection…