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Street Style Guide

When fashion week calls, the street responds. So, while inside, on the catwalks, the new pieces of next season parade unrelentingly, outside, on the streets, trendsetters and fashionists lay down the law on today’s must-haves…


Fall/Winter 2013: The Leather Effect

In principle it was jacket. Then, it was the time of trousers, skirts, coats and even dresses. The leather-mania, that in the last few years has crowded all the catwalks, windows and wardrobes, doesn’t want to loosen its grip. So, if colours, prints, shapes come and go season after season, leather pieces are living a new spring, even in winter…

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Can’t live without

There’s just one big dogma to follow: fashion fades, only style remains the same. It’s a mantra to repeat obsessively to avoid any mistake season after season. So, floral or animalier prints, high heel or sueprflat sandals, follow one another in wardrobes, following the strict rules of fashion. Nonetheless, there are pieces that, relentlessly and severely, remain faithful as absolute symbol of any seasonal “must”…


The 60 years of Tessabit

60 years of history. 60 years of passion, elegance and enthusiasm. 60 years of Tessabit.
1953, the doors of the little dress shop in via Milano in Como opened for the first time to give voice to the still unknown but certainly revolutionary concept of “prêt-à-porter”…

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F/W 2013: God Save The Queen

Welcome in the homeland of Beatles and Kate Moss, of punk and festivals, but moreover, welcome in the homeland of style for next season: her majesty England.
After almost ten years from Trainspotting and the Oasis, England is coming back in the limelight…


Look of the Week: Modernity Rituals

Modernity rituals: aesthetic slides from surface into the essence and the taste rises refined. Mere question of fundamental sophistications: dedicated to ladies who turn their fashion gaze towards the transit into the new season, for them the summer levity will only mean anticipating the pleasure the purification rituals of the wardrobe looking forward the brand new impeccable outfits…



It’s time to winter!n As they say, fashion never stops, and even in the middle of the heat, it’s already time to show off your coats&co. So, while sale and summer looks crowd beaches and cities, if we don’t want to catch us unawares, we’d better start studying all the incoming trends since…


Must Have: Spektre x Tessabit

The summer trend shines bright on the most fashion glances: mirror lens are ‘a’ must have, got it! But there’s a way to stand out classy from the common trend: choosing ‘the’ must have, rigorously limited edition…


Givenchy Fall 2013: Doberman is the new Rottweiler

Second round for the cult that used to be a great success onto the coolest roads and into the most street wardrobes: Givenchy’s animal print. Urban icon that ever since its first outcome has been winning the hearts of jet set trendsetters, but whose loyal fashionistas followers had been reinvigorating their hunger for this urban style hit: the dog print is back, but wisely revised and corrected…


Must Have: ‘Sac de Jour’ by Saint Laurent

Its aplomb is iconic: its high class is incomparable. Its name already talks about a noble inheritance almost peerless, and the appearance of matter is a resolute confirmation: the ‘Sac de Jour’ by Saint Laurent is a must have par excellence. You should define it as Couture Bag: talking about accessory is not worth when a tote blends together the intensity of aesthetic pleasure to the functional comfort into a perfect ensemble…


Look of the Week: Rock-Chic

It skims over the cliché, but it has been always thought to be one of the most charming fondness of style, subtly balancing between excess and rigour, a label that sounds immediately like glamour: rock-chic. Everybody interpret it according to her wish: educating our rebel soul by class or scraping the rigour of elegance by a maudit impetus. Speaking of that, Saint Laurent maison today is the noblest reference where the rock-chic turns into concrete items. Rock as the renowned aura of rock star infused by Hedi Slimane’s creative guide, chic as the everlasting couture legacy à la Yves.


Faces from Milan Fashion Week – SS14

A particularly lively fashion week. Fashion community met again, bringing outside the fashion shows that color and those creative ideas capable of sending into raptures fashion addicted from all over the world and street-style photographers. Welcome to the male fashion week in Milan. If you aren’t yet a fashionista, madly in love with fashion, when you will see these cool style details, captured by our photographer in town Claudia Bellotti, surely you will keep on following us! Enjoy!


Look of the week: Colour is the new black!

Colour is the new black! Color: beatified as the master key of style and versatile in whatever occasion. Full, vivid, bright: involving! It doesn’t leave any room for shyness because it impose itself aware and party to elegance, even in its more degagé and comfortable side, so perfect for any kind of routine of this new season: urban or festive…


Must Have: cut out sleeve shirt

The taste for elegance is not always and only matter of rigourisms and respectability of line: sometimes you need a wise and resolute coup de théâtre to make the aplomb more convincing. Far be it from any fashionable pirouette among decorative excess, however: here, the unexpected detail has to be meant within its pure tailoring authoritativeness…

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Must Have: Gucci Leather Clutch

Fashion’s love for color goes further on trends: is not only matter of persistent color block, but of unflappable style. The full brush-stroke, preferably concentrated within an accessory, is that irremissible something with the unfathomable skill to give the look a stinging blow of pure temper. Whatever your fashion attitude, from severe minimalism to odd decorativism, you just need design color to win…


Look of the week: Fifties inspiration

Grace, delicacy, profusion of femininity: Fifties inspiration is a fabulous mood to make up unique outfits with. Those lines of everlasting beauty able to set off every silhouette, soft or thin, whatever: it’s all about the alchemy of shapes and details in vivacious balance to wear a full contemporary bon ton with…


Must Have: Bao Bao Issey Miyake

New shapes, light and soft, which are transformed according to usage. The philosophy of “shapes made ​​by chance” is the starting point of the accessories’ line of Bao Bao Issey Miyake and among them is the shopping bag that stands out…