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The irremissible charme on the road!

The best thing about fashion is that however sure we are that sometimes our wishes are so much changeable and complicated that they graze the impossible: well, for fashion impossible doesn’t exist. Only unexpected mastery to fulfill every desire exists: even the ones fluctuating between luxury and whim. Let’s think about leather jacket: what would it be like?

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Must have: Sacai Trousers

What do you think, can we say a little bit more than we should? OK, yes, let’s do it: spring is here and we give her our warmest welcome!

Spring is synonymous with lightness, of change, a willingness to put away the heavy thoughts also by changing our wardrobe, on the other hand it is true, often what we wear is an externalization of our feelings.

Here then is a proposal that speaks of lightness, desire of color in our life, of renewed vitality: green light to the Sacai wide and flared palazzo pants, who will dance around us at every single step, making us look like graceful dancers from other latitudes or colored butterflies finally emerging from cocoons…

Fendi Peekaboo

MUST HAVE: Fendi Peekaboo

“That’s her: I want it!” Master key statement flinging open the doors of our wardrobe anxious of guesting, on every new occasion, a perfect piece of irremissible luxury. She: you will recognize her without any seduction of doubt, far away from any hesitation of seasonal fluctuation of taste. She is a true icon: she makes herself conspicuous within the international parterre of celebrities as well as resting classy on our arm…



Diamonds being women’s best friends: question ascertained. The perfect shoe being subject matter of female passion on the verge of love attraction: pure, undeniable truth! The perfect shoes will identify you. It’s a blazing meeting: thanks to prowesses of fashion memory, that’s a déja-vu on the foot of Hollywood divas fluttering about the red carpet. But, just as a siren song of an alluring invitation to wear it on for becoming divine you too. The most reliable invitation.

Alien Sandal from Giuseppe Zanotti Design is the perfect shoe. The minimalism of its silhouette meets the elegance of black leather, in the meanwhile the thin stiletto and the metal details excite the wish for glamour daring that make us feel beautiful in every look. Moreover, Giuseppe Zanotti dresses the wonderful feet of international divine women: that’s a further guarantee of a charme explosion…


Fashion Macedonia

Fashion as chromotypy? Yes, of course! Trusting in colours to gratify your wish for fashion delights and bright: everything is possible whitin the rainbow…