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Givenchy Antigona

Must Have: Givenchy Antigona

Antigone: the representation of that femininity that us women know very well. The one that goes against any rules, the one that listen to pride and justice, the one that surrounds our childhood with legends and bedtime stories.

Antigone, says the legend, was imprisoned and died in a cave because she disobeyed the royal orders to bury her “traitor” brother.

I do not know whether they are these heroic values or the fact that I associate them with a slender womanly figure: noble’s features and long silky dark hair. Most definitely is simply the name’s fault (Did Maison Givency do it on purpose?) that makes me so proud of being a woman…


Must Have: Saint Laurent Boots

There are hundreds types of boots: high, low, suede, with or without heels, with side zip, lace-up, with the buckles… we could go on and on, this product can really satisfy anyone. Considered the most versatile accessories, the icons of rock culture, are in fact suitable for any look: casual, elegant or sporty. Practicality is their strong point, and for this reason they are one of the cult pieces worn by Hollywood celebrities.


Must Have: Kenzo Sweatshirts

Fades come and go. And then, come back again. It’s like a loop continually changing, a spinning wheel that never stops. Shapes, ideas, colours and inspiration join together and give life to new kind of trends, already seen in the past and that surely will recur in the future.
And this counts for everything. Ransack in your children wardrobe and you’ll find the it-shoes of today; go over your parents lofts and you’ll discover the must-have coats of tomorrow…

once upon a time

Fall must have: Once upon a time

Let’s be honest: fairy tale is not only a matter of tender nostalgic candour to wrap up our childhood memories in. it’s more like a little box of very serious desires that we never, ever won’t chuck in a remote fictional place…


Adidas by Stella McCartney

According to the cliché of uncorruptible fashionistas sport and style are supposed to undergo a hard, clearly resentful bagarre, according to whom the healthy intentions of sport activity seem a scary sacrificial altar for elegance. But, as for other old fashion clichés, even this one has lately found its happy denial, thanks to a noble partnership between two giants of the fashion world and the sportswear: Adidas and Stella McCartney.



Today glamour happens to be conveyed even, and especially, by the shoes: metropolitan glamour, of course, that is that quid marking a ‘nonchalant’ elegance able to get through every kind of stylish needs with an undamaged charme, all day long. Famous fashion shows together with noble street stages confirm this: sneakers are officially elected as queens of urban cool-factor…


Charlotte Olympia Clutch

It’s impossible not to fall under its spell: meeting Charlotte Olympia’s Pandora clutch is a matter of love at first sight! It’s unquestionable its place of honour inside your wardrobe…

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Can’t live without

There’s just one big dogma to follow: fashion fades, only style remains the same. It’s a mantra to repeat obsessively to avoid any mistake season after season. So, floral or animalier prints, high heel or sueprflat sandals, follow one another in wardrobes, following the strict rules of fashion. Nonetheless, there are pieces that, relentlessly and severely, remain faithful as absolute symbol of any seasonal “must”…


Must Have: Spektre x Tessabit

The summer trend shines bright on the most fashion glances: mirror lens are ‘a’ must have, got it! But there’s a way to stand out classy from the common trend: choosing ‘the’ must have, rigorously limited edition…


Givenchy Fall 2013: Doberman is the new Rottweiler

Second round for the cult that used to be a great success onto the coolest roads and into the most street wardrobes: Givenchy’s animal print. Urban icon that ever since its first outcome has been winning the hearts of jet set trendsetters, but whose loyal fashionistas followers had been reinvigorating their hunger for this urban style hit: the dog print is back, but wisely revised and corrected…


Must Have: ‘Sac de Jour’ by Saint Laurent

Its aplomb is iconic: its high class is incomparable. Its name already talks about a noble inheritance almost peerless, and the appearance of matter is a resolute confirmation: the ‘Sac de Jour’ by Saint Laurent is a must have par excellence. You should define it as Couture Bag: talking about accessory is not worth when a tote blends together the intensity of aesthetic pleasure to the functional comfort into a perfect ensemble…


Must Have: cut out sleeve shirt

The taste for elegance is not always and only matter of rigourisms and respectability of line: sometimes you need a wise and resolute coup de théâtre to make the aplomb more convincing. Far be it from any fashionable pirouette among decorative excess, however: here, the unexpected detail has to be meant within its pure tailoring authoritativeness…

Schermata 2013-04-03 alle 5.37.35 PM

Must Have: Gucci Leather Clutch

Fashion’s love for color goes further on trends: is not only matter of persistent color block, but of unflappable style. The full brush-stroke, preferably concentrated within an accessory, is that irremissible something with the unfathomable skill to give the look a stinging blow of pure temper. Whatever your fashion attitude, from severe minimalism to odd decorativism, you just need design color to win…


Must Have: Bao Bao Issey Miyake

New shapes, light and soft, which are transformed according to usage. The philosophy of “shapes made ​​by chance” is the starting point of the accessories’ line of Bao Bao Issey Miyake and among them is the shopping bag that stands out…


Must Have: Issey Miyake Crepe Shawl

It doesn’t need any introductory preamble, not subtle persuasion either: an Issey Miyake item is a must-have, amen. The brand is currently under Yoshiyuki Miyamae’s creative direction, but the magic of creations in the name of Issey Miyake lays unaltered: an alchemy of abstract lightness and enchanting materialism. It’s the oriental wisdom worn after the western way: clothes moving the point of view on seduction, making the balances between dress and silhouette swing. They free the feelings and reveal a brand new beauty…


Must Have: 3.1 Phillip Lim “31Hour”

That time when your fashion desire is right on your rationality: when your longing for a bag is not an end in itself, or in the current trend, or in the perfect matching with the perfect dress. When choosing a creation by a particular designer is not a simple charm to bring on your arm a renowned name, if possible recently reaching the red carpet of fashion system: but it’s a choice with a richer value added…


Must have: Courrèges Trench Coat

It’s trench coat time! Winter cold has gone away and now it’s so pleasantly cool that we’d like to wrap into that fabulous item that is omnipresent in every self-respecting wardrobe, crossing fashion eras and not always bon ton tastes: the trench…