Fall 2013 Shopping Guide for Him

Fall 2013 Shopping Guide for Him

Speaking about elegance, even men have a voice in. The smart and urban elegance, with a classy taste, eclectic and able to give an eye-catching twist to every self-respecting look.
So, green light to the big classics, like blazers and jeans, but reinterpreted and reviewed under a brand new slant, and even to colors and patterns, that make a simple crew-neck sweater a statement piece…



It’s time to winter!n As they say, fashion never stops, and even in the middle of the heat, it’s already time to show off your coats&co. So, while sale and summer looks crowd beaches and cities, if we don’t want to catch us unawares, we’d better start studying all the incoming trends since…


Must Have: Spektre x Tessabit

The summer trend shines bright on the most fashion glances: mirror lens are ‘a’ must have, got it! But there’s a way to stand out classy from the common trend: choosing ‘the’ must have, rigorously limited edition…


Givenchy Fall 2013: Doberman is the new Rottweiler

Second round for the cult that used to be a great success onto the coolest roads and into the most street wardrobes: Givenchy’s animal print. Urban icon that ever since its first outcome has been winning the hearts of jet set trendsetters, but whose loyal fashionistas followers had been reinvigorating their hunger for this urban style hit: the dog print is back, but wisely revised and corrected…