Look of the week


Cocktail of the Week: Old Fashioned

Without diminishing who likes to relax with a warm cup of tea and a movie, I personally welcome with my arms (mouth) open a great cocktail to end my week. To purely relax my senses and my nerves, which have worked very hard for the past days. Depending on how I feel, who I am with and whether it is about going out or staying in, I surely have a couple of favorites in matters of cocktails…


Look of the Week: Modernity Rituals

Modernity rituals: aesthetic slides from surface into the essence and the taste rises refined. Mere question of fundamental sophistications: dedicated to ladies who turn their fashion gaze towards the transit into the new season, for them the summer levity will only mean anticipating the pleasure the purification rituals of the wardrobe looking forward the brand new impeccable outfits…


Look of the Week: Rock-Chic

It skims over the cliché, but it has been always thought to be one of the most charming fondness of style, subtly balancing between excess and rigour, a label that sounds immediately like glamour: rock-chic. Everybody interpret it according to her wish: educating our rebel soul by class or scraping the rigour of elegance by a maudit impetus. Speaking of that, Saint Laurent maison today is the noblest reference where the rock-chic turns into concrete items. Rock as the renowned aura of rock star infused by Hedi Slimane’s creative guide, chic as the everlasting couture legacy à la Yves.


Look of the week: Colour is the new black!

Colour is the new black! Color: beatified as the master key of style and versatile in whatever occasion. Full, vivid, bright: involving! It doesn’t leave any room for shyness because it impose itself aware and party to elegance, even in its more degagé and comfortable side, so perfect for any kind of routine of this new season: urban or festive…


Look of the week: Fifties inspiration

Grace, delicacy, profusion of femininity: Fifties inspiration is a fabulous mood to make up unique outfits with. Those lines of everlasting beauty able to set off every silhouette, soft or thin, whatever: it’s all about the alchemy of shapes and details in vivacious balance to wear a full contemporary bon ton with…


Look of the week: Radical Black and White

Let’s move on new points of view: Radical Black and White time! Two opposites making one of the most renowned unities of fashion proposals, safety rock for style, chief protagonists always reappointed to a new turning of trends: black and white fashion guest stars! They don’t invoke chromatic engagements, but they aren’t free from ricks of classicisms, either…


Look of the week: Creative Urban-chic

Let’s discredit some myths, please! Let’s rid of useless frills ingrained into remote superstitions, stuff as: dressing in a light outfit is a risk for the silhouette or sounds as being a translucent Greek goddess. But, eventually, matching some black or colorful items could play down all that whiteness. No way: ancient ponderings that all the current trends are luckily re-educating with irresistible style!…


Look of the week: Mix&Match

Mix&Match is a space for great creativity where you can free your proper vanity: desire for chic, wish for elegance, craving for originality, dream of perfection. And, why not? Delightful independence from renowned griffes’ total looks and genuine fun blending fashion design from various luxurious origin. Mixing awesomeness and matching schools of glamour: here’s some secrets…


The whispered elegance is the most meaningful tale about yourself

The whispered elegance is the most meaningful tale about yourself. There’s any more real truth: experimenting with fashion, passing through styles, losing control of trends and riding the waves of new looks: unquestionable agreeableness, but sometimes of questionable success. Caramboling on perils is not the right chic thing to do when your identity needs be dressed: unique and special…


What shall I wear today?

There are things that never go out of fashion and one of these is the dress: it is true, the dress has experienced mixed fortunes and alternating phases equally, but sooner or later it returns to invade our closets. And fortunately, you might say: with a dress on you are rarely wrong and the eternal question “What shall I wear today?” is quickly and easily resolved. And is resolved in a very chic way when DKNY, or Donna Karan New York, offers a sleeveless silk model with an interesting game that can give the impression of being in front of an outfit divided in two: the top is white, crossed by a single vertical band, while the gray skirt has flat pleats…


Look of the Week: Asphalt jungle

Metropolis is an asphalt jungle: true story. Multitasking truth, whatever, ‘cause using it may be a case of fashion inspiration just by the right creative air, so that you can get saving solutions to cross every routine without caracoling into a flat style. Does smog grey cloud the chic and switch off the wish for exotic tones? Never! Do the voracious rate turn the tailored creations into a golden jail to escape from, but meanwhile the ostracism against comfortable shapes restrains from more relaxed outfit? No way…