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As the English dictionary defines it, to travel is: to move from place to place. Many of you may know that to travel is…

Givenchy Antigona

Must Have: Givenchy Antigona

Antigone: the representation of that femininity that us women know very well. The one that goes against any rules, the one that listen to pride and justice, the one that surrounds our childhood with legends and bedtime stories.

Antigone, says the legend, was imprisoned and died in a cave because she disobeyed the royal orders to bury her “traitor” brother.

I do not know whether they are these heroic values or the fact that I associate them with a slender womanly figure: noble’s features and long silky dark hair. Most definitely is simply the name’s fault (Did Maison Givency do it on purpose?) that makes me so proud of being a woman…


Cocktail of the Week: Old Fashioned

Without diminishing who likes to relax with a warm cup of tea and a movie, I personally welcome with my arms (mouth) open a great cocktail to end my week. To purely relax my senses and my nerves, which have worked very hard for the past days. Depending on how I feel, who I am with and whether it is about going out or staying in, I surely have a couple of favorites in matters of cocktails…